Buyers decide whether they like the home or not in the first few minutes after entering. There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression, so you don’t want to be the seller who skipped out on staging, especially if there are several houses on the market in your area. 

Most people have trouble visualizing a space’s potential, whether that’s figuring out how to lay out an empty room or trying to ignore oddly arranged furniture, clutter or decor that’s not their style. The majority of home buyers can’t easily look past what’s in front of them to appreciate a room’s potential. Staging helps eliminate the buyer’s guesswork.

Research has proven that staged homes sell for up to 20 percent more than homes that are not staged, and that they spend much less time sitting on the market. Studies have also shown that sellers who stage their home recover 200 percent of their staging costs when their home sells.

We combine proven design principles with a professional eye for color, balance and symmetry to present your home in the best possible light. Realtors will recognize your home’s appeal and show it with confidence, helping to increase traffic and sell your home faster and for more money.

 Home staging isn’t limited to just high-end properties. It has become a norm for homes at all price points. While staging may seem like an additional hassle and expense, the investment can pay off.


The cost of staging will always be less than the cost of your first price reduction on your asking price.

​- Minor repairs or cosmetics to get a house ready for sale are a selling expense and are tax deductible.

- Professional staging services are tax deductible

- Decluttering and organizing services are also deductible, as long as judiciously used for preparing a house for sale.